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So sorry about all of the time we’ve been gone. We’ve both been really busy with college and personal issues. We may be on and off for this too, because we are still busy and dealing with shit. BUT, we’ll try our best to get to all of you <3


bloodblonde94 said:
That was the most amazing and detailed compatibility answer I've seen so far! It's what I wanted to know! You're very intelligent! I was the one asking about the sun in virgo,moon in libra male and sun in libra,moon in taurus couple. Thank you so much! :) It's all so true!

Thank you so much, dear! <3
I appreciate the praise! (Ignore typos in the answer, I was sleepy)
I hope it helps, and I will be happy to help in the future.

And I’m sorry to all followers, or anons. I’ve been terribly busy. I will answer questions as soon as I can. I’ve been bombarded by school work.

Thank you again.


oh man oh man

As Libra already said she is very busy. Hopefully summer will free her up a bit, because we still have many unanswered questions. I know she said I would help and I’m looking through them seeing if there are any I can answer, but for the more complex ones you really want Libra’s help. We thank you all for your patience and we will get to all of you eventually!

- Gemini

Look at all of these Virgo, showing love.

Virgo, you are winning the race.


Anonymous said:
Anything you can tell me about a male Libra/Virgo cusp (Sept 24) and a scorpio female? (Nov 18) I read a lot of negative things about this as a pair, but to be honest, he doesn't have the "airy" traits of the things I read about Libras, or see in other Libras, and I am not crazy/psycho/jealous/manipulating like I ALWAYS read about scorpios, so I'm kinda curious to see maybe what your thoughts are? Thanks so much, I love your blog <3

Awe, thank you! :)
And yeah, not all Scorpio are like that. It really depends on your natal chart. I only have ONE air sign (Libra) and the rest are fire and water signs. I have a lot of Scorpio, and in certain cases, have typical Scorpio traits. Now, your man could be leaning more towards the Virgo side, and be considered a Libra. I mean, he could be more flirtatious or outgoing than a typical Virgo, but nonetheless, has more earthy signs. This pair certainly can work. And Scorpio rules the male reproductive parts, Virgo rules the female reproductive parts. ;) This is saying a lot about how the pair “fit” in every aspect. Virgo is emotionally grounded, and very logical. Scorpio is super intense and passionate in love affairs. Scorpio can be quite emotional or depressive at times, so Virgo lifts Scorpios spirits with their sturdiness and dependability, while Scorpio helps them realize their own emotions and takes their prudish shell away (if it’s present).  Virgo and Scorpio can last a long time. The problem is, both signs are hard with trust. Scorpio has to know they are safe enough around somebody to trust them, and Virgo can be a skeptic with trust, and people in general, and can take a while to trust somebody. The Virgo man can impress the imaginative Scorpio with his sheer practicality rather than emotional display, which Scorpio can be good at. Once they are together, they are intensely loyal to each  other. Virgo becomes more empathetic of Scorpios romantic needs, as Scorpio can bring out certain feelings and emotions Virgo found impractical before. Sexually, the Virgo and Scorpio require a lot of experimentation with each other in order for them to adjust with each other’s different styles. He may not be able to match the passionate side of Scorpio and begin to feel defeated in the bedroom. He begins to wonder what he is doing wrong, and start blaming himself. If he is willing to become vulnerable with her, she is able to teach him many things leading him to sexual bliss. He knows that his woman has one up on him in the bedroom. His emotional nature is more cool and controlled than hers. She believes in love making with all her heart and body and considers it as mutual joy and affection that is passionately intense to make both of them able to feel as one. Her mysterious ways only make him more intrigued to analyze this great secret she has about lovemaking. The curiosity of their lovemaking creates a greater bond and with time stimulates the cooler surface of Virgo man making him more expressive and passionate towards his Scorpio woman.Both the Virgo man and Scorpio woman is committed to making up the relationship, but he values practical expressions of commitment, while she values emotional ones. 

Anonymous said:
How long does an October 8th Libra, October 27th Scorpio couple look for working out. Weve known eachother for about 3 years and have been hooking up since weve met. We dated in September but it didnt work out and began dating again in December until now with a short break up in between. We have a lot of problems but I honestly believe hes the one im supposed to be with forever?

Okay, Libra and Scorpio can be tricky. Now, with Scorpio, they can be hard to handle. They add drama to your life that you, being a Libra, can loathe, since you seek harmony and balance. In love a a libra, if somebody catches your heart, it’s hard to let go. Libra are VERY selective of their partners, and could go for years without falling in love since, they want to fall in love with the right person. Libra have this problem where they date somebody and always envision marrying them. It’s not their fault, but they are the sign of partnerships(business and marriage). Scorpio is more about sex. They take love VERY seriously as well, but can be more open in a relationship if they feel it isn’t serious to them. They could cheat if they feel they are not satisfied in their current relationship. I’ve seen Scorpio cheat because they saw their partner talking to the opposite sex, got jealous, and got revenge by doing so. Not saying your person will do that, but what with their jealousy, or possessiveness. Scorpio can be great lovers though. They can be fiercely loyal and protective to the ones they love. Now, if the relationship is on and off so much, I really wouldn’t take it as seriously. Now, you have known this person for 3 years, but within that time, something MORE serious should have resulted from that. And as a Libra, you are willing to wait, since you can have a fear of being alone. And Scorpio is patient. If the two of you aren’t steady and you feel you’re going to be with him forever, I would watch it. As much as you may feel for this person, and as amazing as the sex may be if you’ve had it, because Scorpio are highly sexual signs, and Libra make the love making beautiful, just think about what is best for you and your emotional state. If you just hook up and then date and it doesn’t last, chances are it won’t. I would tread cautiously with this relationship. It seems like there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of emotion. Protect yourself and secure your emotions and if this other person is as serious as you are, it’ll be worth it. Sometimes, you have to think about what’s best for you can’t have this relationship you want so badly being dangled on a string in front of you. It isn’t fair to you, so judge between what is fair and what isn’t. Prevent emotional harm before it can escalate. Libra and Scorpio may bicker over little things as well.Libra can be playful at times, and that can anger Scorpio’s serious demeanor.  Scorpio can teach Libra to be more realistic emotionally and explore sexually. Libra can teach Scorpio how to control their cauldron of intense emotions.

Anything else?


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