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Love Lessons

I’m about to post images for each sign about their karmatic love lessons. Each sign has a different lesson to teach in love, and a lesson to learn in love. You will notice the lessons tie in with some of the traits of the sign. 
The first 6 signs are the “First Six Initiations of Love”
They are categorized as different time periods in our lives. You will notice a pattern in this as Aries, the first sign, is the infant, Taurus, the baby, and so on and so forth. The age groups reflect the signs in an interesting way. For example,
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the infant. They act on impulse, are adventurous, and enjoy combat. Not that a infant enjoys combat, but notice how an infant will scream and cry. Primitive actions reflected as an infant appear in Aries traits, as in the other 5 signs in the first six.
The other six are considered: The Final Six Initiations
Once emotional maturity is reached through the first six, we must dwell into the other six signs to discover the deeper spiritual meaning in love. 

Oddly, Earth signs seem to be reblogging the most. Capricorn and Virgo. Usually skeptics of this, but it’s cool to see them here.

Questions, anybody?
I know there are saps that need astrological advice on relationships. 

Anonymous said:
I will try even harder that that!

If you try harder that that, you might get hurt.

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How do I orgasm with your astrogasm?

Try rubbing the computer screen vigorously on your groin.

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